ACTIVE Faith’s Fellowship One church software, a 100% web-based church management software, helps churches of all sizes leverage technology to care for their congregations
and reach their communities.


Church Membership Software Solution Church Management Software

FEATURES - Fellowship One was designed for effective, long-term success in church management. Manage your church’s greatest ministry resource—member data—with a suite of tools that allows many tasks to be automated and accessible online. Church management software from Fellowship One offers a full-range of options that serve staff, ministry leaders, lay leaders, members, visitors, volunteers, and children. Fellowship One’s church software offers self-service, online features for members to easily get involved with small groups, donations, events, and volunteers.

Core Edition - For churches of any age and stage
Select Edition - Connect people to your church database
Premier Edition - Maximize ministry efficiency


ServiceU Overview

FEATURES - ServiceU offers four stand-alone point solutions: Scheduling, Giving, Ticketing and Green, all of which are accessed online, providing anytime, anywhere utilization to both staff and participants.

PRICING - ServiceU products are purchased separately and integrate with each other. Pricing includes minimal activation fees, plus monthly and/or per-transaction fees. As Software as a Service (SaaS) products, you only use what you need.

Scheduling - Manage events and resources
Giving - Offer mobile and online giving
Ticketing - Sell tickets online
Green - HVAC integration

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