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Church financial software is critical to the operations of every healthy ministry. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have not only the right software, but also the right processes and internal controls to manage every aspect of church finances.

ACTIVE Faith’s Fellowship One is more than church financial software. You see, it’s commonly assumed that data security is increased when all your church data resides in the same software. However, when it comes to finances, the opposite is true. Church financial software combined with church management software can provide less internal control than is needed for protection of financial data due to the number of users and entry points.

In addition, the two functions are quite different and require split focuses from a development standpoint, which can decrease the quality of one or both functions. It’s that Jack-of-All-Trades-Master-of-None mentality.

At the same time, it’s absolutely vital to be able to integrate member giving information with database management for the 360-degree view of members that leaders need. ACTIVE Faith’s Fellowship One concentrates on mastering our core mission of helping churches provide excellent member care. We leave financial matters that are unrelated to member giving to the number of proven solutions that provide church financial software as their only focus.

But we don’t leave you stranded. We’ve provided an API that allows specific member data from your database to integrate with your church financial software, giving you the best of both worlds.

ACTIVE Faith is more than just church financial software due to:

  • Increased security by keeping general ledger data separate from your member database
  • An API that integrates specific data from your database directly to your church financial software
  • Scheduled, recurring online giving capabilities
  • Rapid check-scanning and entering features
  • Tracked offerings and pledge drive progress
  • Offering designation choices: special projects, capital campaigns, funds or subfunds
  • Fully integrated Remote Deposit Capture for automated deposits
  • PCI compliance for maximum security of credit card transactions
  • Online or printed giving statements for one person or the whole church

ACTIVE Faith’s Fellowship One is the best of both worlds when it comes to church management software, online giving software, and church financial software needs. Ready to find out more?

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